I’ve never been good at taking my vitamins. Until…..SmartyPants vitamins.

But, not because I don’t remember.  Since a child, I’ve had trouble swallowing pills…they get stuck, I gag, I get anxious.  It is just a bad scene. But with my insane schedule, all the intense training plus general busy-ness, I HAVE to take vitamins to make up for any nutritional gaps that are just not met with my healthy BUT rushed diet.

When I got pregnant, taking my prenatals was an absolute NIGHTMARE for me.  Even though I didn’t have morning sickness, prenatals would make me sick if I took them on an empty stomach.  After some quick “mom board” research, I discovered various gummy prenatals and they saved me for the rest of my pregnancy (and two more!).

Flash forward to the present and I’ve realized gummies are not just for kids and pregnant women!!!


Since getting these vitamins, I haven’t missed a day – they taste SO good, its almost like a treat and I confess that I have actually saved them for LATER in the day, when I knew I would be craving something sweet.

They also have a men’s and children’s version as well, plus an adult version with fiber!!  My kids never turn down anything gummy and I know my husband doesn’t remember to take his so we will be filling the cabinet with ones for everyone in the house.  (How about a pet version??)

For me, no puking, gagging or weird aftertaste? SIGN ME UP.

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**Disclaimer: I received this product to review.**

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