My LifePower Yoga Experience – so far.

It is 10:30PM on a Wednesday night.  Four Wednesdays ago, I was typically in bed by 10, at the very latest.  On February 27,  my LifePower Yoga experience, this 200 hour yoga teacher training, started…and almost everything that was normal – albeit, blissfully chaotic – changed entirely.


“YTT” – our LifeTime abbreviation for the program – has all but taken over my life.  And usually, when someone says that, its in a negative way.  This “overtaking” has been a far cry from negative.  I’ve never really lived every day, and seized every moment quite like this….perhaps because I have so little time to waste now.  Perhaps just because I’m yolo’ing the shit out everything that comes my way.

#ootd to meet with the accountant. Haha. #carpediem #taxseason #seizethatshit

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In the first three weeks of this experience, I’ve learned to teach yoga.

Not a full class, but almost there.  But, with confidence, I can say, I’m a yoga teacher.

In the first three weeks of this experience, I’ve learned to manage my time better.

Not perfectly, because I’ve still forgotten some things, still have to rush a little.  But, with confidence, I can say that this Hot Mess Express has been running smoothly.

In the first three weeks of this experience, I’ve become a stronger group fitness instructor.

Not that I wasn’t a *good* or even great instructor, but with confidence, I can say that my group fit game has gone next level, with some of the tools I’ve learned and the confidence in my instruction, knowledge and motivation.

In the first three weeks of this experience, I’ve become a more patient mom.

Not that I wasn’t a *pretty* patient mom, but with confidence, I can say that now, in the 6 years of being a stay-at-home-kinda-working mom, I appreciate my time with my kids so much more that losing my patience with them isn’t a good use of any of our time together.

Study, study, study in the place I live, live, live, live. #poweryoga #ytt #yogaeverydamnday

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3 weeks down, 9 weeks to go.  So much more to learn.  So many more chances to grow stronger, physically and mentally.  So excited for the rest of this LifePower Yoga experience, this YTT – because if this is the beginning??

Damn, the end will be something amazing.

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Workout Playlist on Spotify!

There is nothing more frustrating than not having the RIGHT workout playlist right at your fingertips, ready to go!

Every week, I create playlists for my group fit classes at Life Time Athletic and GUESS WHAT??

Since I use Spotify, you can go follow me there!

Not on Spotify? Check out my Valentine’s Day playlist!


And if you are stuck for a workout, check back tomorrow for a 55 minute workout to go along with this playlist!

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Supermom: The Secret on How to Do It All

“How do you do it?”

A sentence that makes most moms – moms of many, working moms, pretty much all moms – cringe.

Cringe…because I’d have to reveal my “great” secret.

*chuckle* “Caffeine and alcohol, haha……but really though….I don’t know….I just do it.”

Yesterday I posted on my personal Facebook page about a particularly kickass morning I had – me.

Personally.  Selfishly.


I’m not a Supermom…or a super anything really.  I had a really great morning for ME yesterday. One snapshot in the collage of our typical week.

But, yesterday, the dishes were piled in the sink.  And the laundry was mountains high, clean but unfolded and on a chair in the family room. Another snapshot in the collage.

Today, I’m not going to have the same kick ass “YAY, ME” morning.  I’m going to yoga to get my brief zen on and then I’m going to come home, tackle those dishes, fold that laundry and take care of the two pee-soaked piles of bedding from not one, but two kids who uncharacteristically wet their beds last night.  More snapshots in the collage.

Much less badass.  Much more “boring mom stuff”.

But if it were ALL boring mom stuff or ALL badassery, there would be no balance.  No moments of self-congratulation for an awesome workout in spite of being tired all the time (but NO ONE knows that, its our secret, k?) to juxtapose with the less glamorous moments cleaning up a poop accident from a stubborn mostly-potty-trained 2.5 year old and the proud moments of cheer competitions and hockey games.

All moments captured in the collage.


That’s the real life, the behind-the-scenes of every perceived “Supermom” out there.  For the things we are succeeding in, kicking ass and taking names in one day, there are at least 3 or 4 things at any given moment that are messy and imperfect. I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary but simply trying to maintain a balance that creates *our* own ordinary, our collage, our picture-imperfectly-perfect life.

So, how DO I do it all?

I don’t.  Just one thing, one breath, one moment at a time, that results in one beautiful collage with highs, lows, messy and immaculate, happy and not-so-happy moments of my very ordinary and special life.

No super powers necessary.

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Goal Setting & Goal Getting

I posted this on my personal Facebook page yesterday and decided to share it here.  At the end of the day, you need to be a goal getter.  Now is YOUR time!  Enjoy!

Confession (and long post alert)…I can be a little impulsive. An impulsive spender, quick to make decisions about things that most people would take weeks or months to decide. Conversely, going to a restaurant with a big menu is my personal nightmare. But the big stuff, I’m good.

Unsolicited advice coming…if there is SOME DREAM, any GOAL you have, and the opportunity presents itself, TAKE IT. Don’t think, blink or pause. Take it. Say yes. Act first when your gut is like, SCREAMING, “OMFG, I HAVE TO DO THAT” and hash out the details later. You’ll figure it out.

10 years ago (when I was….15. Right. Ha.), I had the opportunity to do a Yoga Teacher Training. And I wanted to SO BADLY but had reasons (excuses?) why I couldn’t. And I wanted to go back to school for exercise science, SO BADLY. But things happened. But, but, but.


Last month, Alexander Schimmel posted that he would be leading a local LifePower Yoga Teacher Training. I’m pretty sure I messaged him within minutes, mind already made up.

Without knowing price. Or times. Just that I HAD to do it. Mind. Made. Up.

Is this the right time? Nope. Is it “perfect timing”? Sure is. I have way way more on my plate right now than I did when I was 15 (not letting that joke go. lol.) and this may literally require hiring a part time nanny for a brief period.


But I’m not letting anymore opportunities go by, things that I want to do, things that will make be a better person, wife, mom and friend.

So, whether its a New Year’s resolution, if that’s what makes you tick, or just a goal you have, go after it, without thinking, because the time will never necessarily be right or perfect.

*mic drop*

(Pic is not a perfect pose, or perfectly executed. But it felt good, so that’s what I did. See? If it feels good, or its going to feel good, JUST DOOOOOOO IT.)

If you have a fitness or health goal you want to talk about or want to know more about flexible dieting, use this form to contact me.  I’ll respond within 24 hours and I will get to know you, your goals, your intentions and we can create a plan that works for you.

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Fitness & Workout Music Apps

As a group fit instructor, I am always looking for great music to use in my classes as well as my own workouts but creating playlists can be tedious and time consuming!!

If you have a fitness fanatic or a group fit instructor in your life, consider a subscription to one of my three favorite services!

1. Spotify

I’ve been using this service for years!  The premium subscription is ad-free and allows you to play your tracks and playlists offline – big bonus for the group fit instructors and for people who like to turn off notifications during a workout or long run!

Features like cross-fading tracks are also a nice touch!  The app and web interfaces are both easy to use and you can follow your favorite artists and users (like, ahem, yours truly!)

2. FIT Radio

This subscription DJ mix service takes the guesswork out of your playlists, whether in the studio or just working out!

Big bonuses for instructors is the ability to find specific BPMs and there are also a few 32 count mixes in there.  Favorite a mix and you are able to stream in airplane mode.

Categories for different genres and workouts are also helpful so you find the right mood and tempo for your workout or class – and exclude explicit lyrics, if you need a cleaner playlist.  The premium subscription service options are monthly, yearly and LIFETIME!!

(pssst, a little birdie told me there was a Groupon for this one…)

3. Rock My Run

I was an earlier adopter of the Rockstar premium service last year and the app has come leaps and bounds since I originally joined.

Designed for runners, the Rock Star service (which has since been update from a credit system to a membership system) allows you to adjust your tempo manually or set it to automatically adjust your tempo to your pace.

A new Group Fitness category has been added as well as a Cool Down mix category.  Once you find a mix for a class or workout, use the Download feature (only downloads within the app) and the mixes will stream in airplane mode!

Need more ideas for your favorite fitness pro or just a workout warrior?  Head over to my girl Amanda’s page, Be Phoenix Fit for a great post filled with gift ideas!

**Disclaimer: I was not compensated nor did I receive an incentive to post the above opinions.

New Year’s Goals

This year was CRAZY.

Prepped for my first bikini competition, expanded my group fitness classes, shot a P90X Live workout video, bought a house, sold a house, started teaching group fit at the brand new Life Time in our area….SO MUCH change!

Starting in December, I’ll be re-designing this blog, look, feel – everything!  I’ll also be documenting my SECOND journey to the stage.  My first experience was just getting my feet wet and learning the most basic elements of competition prep. Now I’m ready to blog and share my experience through the second, more intense, prep. I’m pursuing a specialty certification with ACE and also enrolling in the LifePower Yoga 200 Hour teaching training.

I’ll also have some announcements for new challenge groups, new one-on-one coaching services and more and more ways to help you reach your goals, on your terms.

Change can be scary.

Change can be stressful.

Change can lead to growth and excitement and opportunity.

And that’s why I’m excited for what’s in store.

Want to get the announcements as soon as they go live?  Email me to be put on the mailing list and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Home Workout Program or Gym?

To go to the gym and take classes or to workout at home….

THAT is the question.

I know I’ve been posting more about my group exercise classes on Facebook lately but I’m also still very much a Beachbody coach.

Here’s the thing…I don’t believe that a gym membership is a magic pill.  And I also don’t believe that Beachbody programs are the secret sauce to wellness and weight loss (if that’s your goal) either.

Here’s where you say “WHAT??! BUT YOU ARE STILL A COACH….?”…right right. Wait for it.

Gym to street style!

If you haven’t been successful reaching your goals, its time to look at your plan again. The moving parts of weight loss and fitness aren’t THAT complex (cals in, cals out, move around….essentially) but you need to get your nutrition in check AND have a fitness program that has enough variety to keep your body in a state where it is continually challenged and build your strength, your endurance, your fat loss zone, etc.

The bottom line is whether you prefer a gym and/or group exercise but aren’t seeing results, here are some tips!

  • Have a plan; don’t be a fitness floor wanderer.  Turn off notifications on your phone and WORK.
  • Take your favorite group fit classes but Zumba 5 nights a week isn’t going to challenge your muscles.  Add strength class in there and challenge yourself! Conversely, a barbell or strength class needs to be complemented with some cardio during the week.
No gym? No problem!

If the gym isn’t an option and you need a home workout program or something to complement your running or gym workouts, a Beachbody program IS just as effective.  Tips to make it work?

  • Have a plan.  Turn off notifications or hide your phone.  (Sounds a lot like the above, right??)
  • Make sure your home options have enough variety.  Body weight strength AND cardio.  Weights or bands. Easy!

The moral of the story is….have a plan.

Find something you like to do and you’ll be able to stick to it!

The secret sauce isn’t the program, it is the consistency and the effort you put into it.

Need support?  Hit me up – let’s chat.

P90X On Demand!

Remember that time I did something crazy and sent my information into a casting call for a Beachbody On Demand Challenge Du Jour featuring the workout I TEACH, P90X Live?

On June 30, I found out I was picked!

And on July 1, I booked flights.

And on July 8?

I got on a plane and flew to L.A.

Philly Airport at Foolish o’Clock AM

FOR THE SAME WORKOUT.  WHAT!?!The best part of this whole surreal experience was that not only was I picked for P90X Live (out of Insanity, TurboKick and Piyo) – which is my favorite new group exercise format – my girl, my partner in crime, my UPLINE COACH and the REASON I dove into Beachbody, Amanda, was picked too!

So, naturally, I did what any good friend would do and I flew to Denver to pick her up.

Wifi? Check!

Well, my connection in Denver was purely coincidental.  But off we went, headed for Burbank.

Sleep deprivation started to set in but once we got to the studio for the dress rehearsal?? Adrenaline.  Nothin’ but adrenaline.

A quick rehearsal and an early call time….we headed back to our not-so-swanky-but-perfectly-functional motel.  And by perfectly functional, we had exactly what we needed.

Shower. Bed. Check.

Up EARLY and over to the studio…to be greeted by the Master Trainer leading our workout, Rawlins Apilado. We chatted with him and our castmates and after learning more about each other, Rawlins used the perfect word…serendipitous.  Not only were Amanda and I partners in fitness, life and tattoos, our castmates had a strong friendship too.  Similar personalities and ideas about our businesses….clearly, we were chosen because we are just that awesome.
Then Rawlins brought us some of the new Beachbody Performance Energize – an awesome pre-workout.  Energy, focus and some adrenaline and we were READY to go!

Love me some pre-workout!

The workout, P90X Live, was shot continuously, with no takes to make it look and feel like a REAL class.  That meant we were dripping sweat, grunting, cheering…that’s all real, folks!  We were pushing!

Rawlins and I working the P90X guns.

After the shoot, we were free to go….so we did what anyone in L.A. would do….and drove up a mountain, gawking at mansions and went looking for the Hollywood sign.

Welcome to Hollywood, baby.

We got to experience the tourist spots of L.A. in a matter of 8 hours or so.  Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive….we were productive.

Back to the airport for our red-eyes…and we were quite literally bleary eyed.

Time for some tea….some reflection…WHAT JUST HAPPENED IN THE PAST 24 HOURS?!?!


To say that the experience was surreal would be a great understatement. To say I’m thankful would not even come close expressing how amazingly lucky I feel.

But is it luck? I don’t think so.  I work hard every day, putting my dreams into plans, my plans into actions and taking risks.

This may have been the first shoot….but it won’t be the last.

Amanda and I have already picked out a better hotel.


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Be the Example.

It has been a long day.

It has been a long week.

I’m sitting here unwinding, thinking about everything I do on a daily basis. 

I’m getting even more exhausted just thinking about it.

I don’t need to list out the things because if you are a mom reading this, whether you stay at home or work out of the home or work AT home (like me), then you know.

You know how it feels to try and hold on to the ONE thing that you can do for you.  For some, it is taking 20 minutes during a rare moment of quiet and reading a book.  For others, maybe its catching up on a mindless reality show.  

For me?  It is hands down, without question, my workout.

Sometimes, I second guess myself and think that it might be presumed to be a selfISH action.  To have a personal fitness goal.  But I forget and I have to remind myself – they are watching.  

My workout isn’t selfish. While it benefits me in all the physical ways that we know exercise is proven to do, it also clears my head.  It gives me focus to move on to the mile long to-do list.  My workout benefits this whole household. And those small people? They see how important it is, to me, for me, for them.

I’m lucky if I get to squeeze in an extra 10 minute ab workout.  I’m even luckier if I get to make it to the gym to actually TAKE a class, rather than just teaching one.  

Its easy to lose focus on those personal interests and goals when everyone around you needs something – food, drink, attention, extra time.  Those things all come first, all the needs are always met….but the non-negotiable is still my workout.  Whether it is squeezed in during nap or while the littlest one helps “sweep” the floor, once there is a moment of still, I press play.

And after I’m done?  I’m refocused.  Recharged.  Happier.  

I know that it takes a big mental change, especially for moms, to come to the decision to make a lifestyle change.  To be healthier, to set an example, to feel better overall.  I can’t tell you do “just do it” or “schedule it” because we know that isn’t always the reality.  

But I will tell you to take it one day at a time.  Make it non-negotiable. 

“I will work out twice this week.”

“I will go for a run on Saturday.”

“I will take a strength class at the gym this week.”

Set the small goals, achieve them, feel successful and build the habit.  A habit is just like a muscle – you need to work at it to make it strong.

You deserve it.  Because it isn’t just for you.