“Ooooh, you are another Beachbody coach? You sell another shake, right?”
Well.  Yes.  But…no, not really.
Here is my story.
My Beachbody journey technically started in July 2013.  That was when I bit the bullet and via a free fitness group, hosted by an “internet friend”, I learned about T25.
I say “technically started” because that’s when I signed up to coach.  That’s my official anniversary.

Flashback to my childhood, I was NOT athletic. Not into sports.  Not into exercise.  I was “skinny fat” (a term I loathe but it is totally accurate) – thin and not strong.  I gained the typical weight in college and used the gym sporadically and mostly just for social purposes.

When I met my now-husband, he was overweight and unhappy – a former athlete who fell into a miserable relationship.  When we started dating, he had just starting running again and was working towards a 50lb weight loss.  Because couples do things together, we started running – not literally together but it was something we both did.  This fueled my interest in nutrition and fitness and I started looking into going back to school for exercise science.

And then…we got married and the babies came. With babies came these elusive “internet friends” – the people I could talk to without judgment, whine to, laugh with…I had NO idea that they would be such a presence in my life.

When I became a coach after our third and last baby, again, I had no idea that a life changing experience was on the horizon. and I decided to become a Beachbody coach.

Yes, I lost weight.  Yes, I have great before and after pictures. Yes, I drink Shakeology. Yes, I make a nice extra income to help my family.  But what I DIDN’T realize was that I would join a family. A family with a leader right from that group of “internet mom friends” and a coach (who I used to argue with in the throes of hormonal mayhem!) that is now one of my closest friends.  And even better, a few of my best friends on the planet, other *gasp* internet friends, JOINED ME.  A completely inspiring and supportive group of women, who I talk to every day. Pretty much all day long.

My old aspirations of a fitness and nutrition “job” is coming to fruition in a totally unexpected and unconventional way.

So, now, I’m moving up this Beachbody ladder.  My “why” has shifted.  I still do this 100% to help people and to set a positive example for my kids. It is not and has never been about making a lot of money or thoughtlessly signing up coaches to build my team. Now (and this is the focus of my team name and our motto), my “why” is to be a motivating force.  Not just a casual cheerleader.  A rock solid, well informed, supportive leader.  A business woman. A health and fitness professional.
An inspiration.

That’s my story.  A lot of people out there will roll their eyes when they hear “Beachbody coach” and have visions of a shake peddling, pyramid-scheming snake oil sales person.

I can absolutely assure you that this has very very little to do with a shake.

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