To go to the gym and take classes or to workout at home….

THAT is the question.

I know I’ve been posting more about my group exercise classes on Facebook lately but I’m also still very much a Beachbody coach.

Here’s the thing…I don’t believe that a gym membership is a magic pill.  And I also don’t believe that Beachbody programs are the secret sauce to wellness and weight loss (if that’s your goal) either.

Here’s where you say “WHAT??! BUT YOU ARE STILL A COACH….?”…right right. Wait for it.

Gym to street style!

If you haven’t been successful reaching your goals, its time to look at your plan again. The moving parts of weight loss and fitness aren’t THAT complex (cals in, cals out, move around….essentially) but you need to get your nutrition in check AND have a fitness program that has enough variety to keep your body in a state where it is continually challenged and build your strength, your endurance, your fat loss zone, etc.

The bottom line is whether you prefer a gym and/or group exercise but aren’t seeing results, here are some tips!

  • Have a plan; don’t be a fitness floor wanderer.  Turn off notifications on your phone and WORK.
  • Take your favorite group fit classes but Zumba 5 nights a week isn’t going to challenge your muscles.  Add strength class in there and challenge yourself! Conversely, a barbell or strength class needs to be complemented with some cardio during the week.
No gym? No problem!

If the gym isn’t an option and you need a home workout program or something to complement your running or gym workouts, a Beachbody program IS just as effective.  Tips to make it work?

  • Have a plan.  Turn off notifications or hide your phone.  (Sounds a lot like the above, right??)
  • Make sure your home options have enough variety.  Body weight strength AND cardio.  Weights or bands. Easy!

The moral of the story is….have a plan.

Find something you like to do and you’ll be able to stick to it!

The secret sauce isn’t the program, it is the consistency and the effort you put into it.

Need support?  Hit me up – let’s chat.

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