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A Labor of Love Without a Question of Value

It is no secret that most teachers – yoga and group fitness – teach because it fills our cups to help, motivate and inspire others.  We teach because we love it.

Our members and students come to our classes, early in the morning, holidays, Sunday mornings. We lead with passion and knowledge, and some humor to break up the edgier, grittier parts.

What happens behind the scene of the 60 minute cycle class, vinyasa practice or strength workout? Hours of planning, music selection, practicing the moves and flows and promoting our classes – like a business. And on top of that, the physical and mental aspect of giving everything to help our students be the truest versions of themselves – class after class.

The best teachers and instructors are also always students. Continuing education for maintaining certifications, keeping up to date on current trends, formats and teaching methods adds up too.  Time away from our families on nights and weekends to sharpen our craft because we LOVE what we do and we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

But our labor of love isn’t reason to devalue our knowledge and expertise. We are passionate about delivering YOU an experience.  And on the other side of that experience, the smile, the energy, is a real person, with a family at home on a Sunday morning.  The other side is acknowledging that the HIIT class you took with me that kicked your butt, was the second class I taught that day and there’s still one more to go.  The other side of the person with the mic or giving you a sweet yoga assist is a person who knows they are providing value and stacking class on class to also earn an income – whether its to save for a vacation or to contribute to their household.

Yes, this is a labor of love and certainly not the most lucrative career.  It’s not just a job when your heart and soul thrive on teaching – but practically? We are also worth it – in dollar signs.  Time, training, set up, break down, clean up, the necessity of delivering fun, safe, challenging and empowering experiences day in and day out (and sometimes a few times a day) is worth an extra fee or class rate.

The next time your favorite teacher is offering a class that may be a higher rate for a workshop experience or a specialty feature that’s truly unique, before balking publicly or privately about the fee or price, remember the teacher, the one wearing the mic and encouraging you to do one more rep, the one giving undivided attention and instruction to help you get into your first headstand.  It is our labor of love, but it is also our profession, our business.

Because we love it and our souls are poured into the experience, we are worth it. Truly.


P90X On Demand!

Remember that time I did something crazy and sent my information into a casting call for a Beachbody On Demand Challenge Du Jour featuring the workout I TEACH, P90X Live?

On June 30, I found out I was picked!

And on July 1, I booked flights.

And on July 8?

I got on a plane and flew to L.A.

Philly Airport at Foolish o’Clock AM

FOR THE SAME WORKOUT.  WHAT!?!The best part of this whole surreal experience was that not only was I picked for P90X Live (out of Insanity, TurboKick and Piyo) – which is my favorite new group exercise format – my girl, my partner in crime, my UPLINE COACH and the REASON I dove into Beachbody, Amanda, was picked too!

So, naturally, I did what any good friend would do and I flew to Denver to pick her up.

Wifi? Check!

Well, my connection in Denver was purely coincidental.  But off we went, headed for Burbank.

Sleep deprivation started to set in but once we got to the studio for the dress rehearsal?? Adrenaline.  Nothin’ but adrenaline.

A quick rehearsal and an early call time….we headed back to our not-so-swanky-but-perfectly-functional motel.  And by perfectly functional, we had exactly what we needed.

Shower. Bed. Check.

Up EARLY and over to the studio…to be greeted by the Master Trainer leading our workout, Rawlins Apilado. We chatted with him and our castmates and after learning more about each other, Rawlins used the perfect word…serendipitous.  Not only were Amanda and I partners in fitness, life and tattoos, our castmates had a strong friendship too.  Similar personalities and ideas about our businesses….clearly, we were chosen because we are just that awesome.
Then Rawlins brought us some of the new Beachbody Performance Energize – an awesome pre-workout.  Energy, focus and some adrenaline and we were READY to go!

Love me some pre-workout!

The workout, P90X Live, was shot continuously, with no takes to make it look and feel like a REAL class.  That meant we were dripping sweat, grunting, cheering…that’s all real, folks!  We were pushing!

Rawlins and I working the P90X guns.

After the shoot, we were free to go….so we did what anyone in L.A. would do….and drove up a mountain, gawking at mansions and went looking for the Hollywood sign.

Welcome to Hollywood, baby.

We got to experience the tourist spots of L.A. in a matter of 8 hours or so.  Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive….we were productive.

Back to the airport for our red-eyes…and we were quite literally bleary eyed.

Time for some tea….some reflection…WHAT JUST HAPPENED IN THE PAST 24 HOURS?!?!


To say that the experience was surreal would be a great understatement. To say I’m thankful would not even come close expressing how amazingly lucky I feel.

But is it luck? I don’t think so.  I work hard every day, putting my dreams into plans, my plans into actions and taking risks.

This may have been the first shoot….but it won’t be the last.

Amanda and I have already picked out a better hotel.


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