Dear 16 year old self,

Don’t be embarrassed by your IQ.

Own it.

Smart is sexy AF.

Write more.

You adore words.

Descriptive and impactful words and the rhythmic cadence of language sparks your soul.

As it turns out, when you teach and in your work, your spoken words are clear, emphatic and somewhat poetic.

You are going to grow into your looks.


You’ll still be self-conscious most of the time but you’ll feel much better about the lines of your face being unconventionally attractive.

Be weird.

Stay there.

Your style will evolve but it will always be yours.

And while not everyone will understand you, it is not your job to convince them.

Channel your energy into your pure authenticity and your people will show up…and stay.

Remember to love who you love; there is no need to overthink, mute or hide it.

Follow the feeling.

Adore recklessly.

It feels amazing to be you, and be seen and fiercely free from anything other than your true nature.

I’m so grateful for you.

You taught me a lot. And we are still learning, every day.

xo, LR

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