I’ve been working a lot lately.

I’ve been reading a lot lately.

I’ve been living a lot lately.


There has been a lot going on, a lot of learning and loving this life I’ve created.  What there has no been a lot of lately is execution.  Execution of taking next steps to keep the momentum, the growth.

I’ve been overloading on a combination of mindfulness and Gary Vaynerchuk….which is a pretty interesting combination, almost contradictory.  Intentional living and gratitude with a hard dose of real talk.  Gary Vee talks about patience – that people get frustrated when success isn’t handed to them on day 2 of a venture.


In my professional existence at Life Time, where I’ve been working exclusively for 11 months now, I’ve been patient.  Patient in waiting for more opportunities, patient in the process of being a part of a family within a large corporate structure. Where some people would lose patience, I’ve held myself to the standard that if I’m delivering my best, with every class I teach, and giving my attention to members and students, then my work will pay off and I’d be a stronger teacher and instructor regardless of any black and white metrics of success or the number of classes I teach on the schedule.

I had the realization last week that while patience is important, it is also not the reason to stop the hustle.

Yeah, the hustle. The hustle in me that wants to reach more, do more, be more.  Patience is one thing.  Inaction is another and I confused them for too long.  I stopped writing, even though I love writing, because I didn’t feel as though it would help me within the walls of my gym and studio.  I deleted my blog related Facebook page because I didn’t want to keep up with it, too time consuming for little reach, no return.

My hustle fizzled.


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But last week, I pulled out the NASM textbook I’ve had for a year, put a date on the calendar and started studying to finish my personal training certification.  Today, I pulled out my laptop and, here I am, reviving my baby blog.  And still, being patient and believing that there are more opportunities that will present themselves.  Inaction, however, will not force the universe to notice though.

The hustle is back and good things are coming.

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