Month: December 2015

Free Template: The Best Meal Planner!

My philosophy for most everything….?


I’ve searched far and wide, on Pinterest and Google, for a meal planner that I like.  Something clean, no crazy fonts, easy on the eyes.  When you don’t find what you want?  Create!  So I did.

Anytime we overcomplicate our nutrition, training plans, life plans….it gets overwhelming. Hard to succeed when we’ve completely complicated JUST the planning part.



In this free meal planner template, I also include a space for your workout!  When we plan, we are more likely to stick to in and succeed!  Doesn’t it feel good to check things off??

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Fitness & Workout Music Apps

As a group fit instructor, I am always looking for great music to use in my classes as well as my own workouts but creating playlists can be tedious and time consuming!!

If you have a fitness fanatic or a group fit instructor in your life, consider a subscription to one of my three favorite services!

1. Spotify

I’ve been using this service for years!  The premium subscription is ad-free and allows you to play your tracks and playlists offline – big bonus for the group fit instructors and for people who like to turn off notifications during a workout or long run!

Features like cross-fading tracks are also a nice touch!  The app and web interfaces are both easy to use and you can follow your favorite artists and users (like, ahem, yours truly!)

2. FIT Radio

This subscription DJ mix service takes the guesswork out of your playlists, whether in the studio or just working out!

Big bonuses for instructors is the ability to find specific BPMs and there are also a few 32 count mixes in there.  Favorite a mix and you are able to stream in airplane mode.

Categories for different genres and workouts are also helpful so you find the right mood and tempo for your workout or class – and exclude explicit lyrics, if you need a cleaner playlist.  The premium subscription service options are monthly, yearly and LIFETIME!!

(pssst, a little birdie told me there was a Groupon for this one…)

3. Rock My Run

I was an earlier adopter of the Rockstar premium service last year and the app has come leaps and bounds since I originally joined.

Designed for runners, the Rock Star service (which has since been update from a credit system to a membership system) allows you to adjust your tempo manually or set it to automatically adjust your tempo to your pace.

A new Group Fitness category has been added as well as a Cool Down mix category.  Once you find a mix for a class or workout, use the Download feature (only downloads within the app) and the mixes will stream in airplane mode!

Need more ideas for your favorite fitness pro or just a workout warrior?  Head over to my girl Amanda’s page, Be Phoenix Fit for a great post filled with gift ideas!

**Disclaimer: I was not compensated nor did I receive an incentive to post the above opinions.