Month: April 2015

Turkey Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers

It was rainy and yuck on Monday morning so I decided that I would throw an old stand-by into the Crock Pot. 

And then, miraculously, the sun came out, it was warm and lovely and all of a sudden, Turkey Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili just didn’t seem like the right dinner.

At this point, I did what anyone would do….I asked my kindergartner what we should do with the ingredients.

And the little genius said “MAKE IT INTO A BURGER!!”


So, that’s what we did!

These burgers were delicious! I baked them to make sure they didn’t dry out but you could cook them in the pan or grill them!

Turkey Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers
(aka Brixon’s Chili Burgers)
Makes 6-7 patties

16oz ground turkey
1 small/medium sweet potato, peeled and cubed (softened in microwave or baked briefly)
1 can black beans, lightly mashed with fork
4 slices turkey bacon, chopped (optional, but, bacon!)
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
salt and pepper to taste

1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.
2. Combine all ingredients in large bowl.
3. Form into patties and bake on lightly greased baking sheet for 18-22 minutes, flipping halfway.  Make sure internal temp has reached 165 degrees.


The 21 Day Fix conversion is roughly 1 red and 1 yellow, with a calorie count of 180 calories per burger, if preparing 7 patties.

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Making Money as a Stay At Home Mom

I don’t like to get into the SAHM versus working mom debate.  Every family does what works for that family.  I’m not touching that topic at all because I don’t believe its up for discussion.

“You stay home with your kids?”

Does that question irk anyone else as it does me??

Because, while technically, my kids aren’t in someone else’s care, other than preschool and kindergarten time, I am a “stay at home mom.”

But, no.  I’m not. Because I don’t.  I don’t “stay at home.”

I’m also not a working mom.  And I’m not a “work at home mom” though I run a home-based business.

I’m a work on the run mom.  A present mom when my kids need presence. A work in the home mom when I have 20 minutes of downtime. A mom who tries her best to keep up a clean(ish) house while also leading a team of other amazing women.

I definitely don’t stay at home.

My work isn’t a job.

My jobs aren’t work.

I don’t have a title.  I don’t want a label.

I’m doing the things that I love.  Living the most fulfilling life I can live.

All of this is me.