Dear 16 year old self,

Don’t be embarrassed by your IQ.

Own it.

Smart is sexy AF.

Write more.

You adore words.

Descriptive and impactful words and the rhythmic cadence of language sparks your soul.

As it turns out, when you teach and in your work, your spoken words are clear, emphatic and somewhat poetic.

You are going to grow into your looks.


You’ll still be self-conscious most of the time but you’ll feel much better about the lines of your face being unconventionally attractive.

Be weird.

Stay there.

Your style will evolve but it will always be yours.

And while not everyone will understand you, it is not your job to convince them.

Channel your energy into your pure authenticity and your people will show up…and stay.

Remember to love who you love; there is no need to overthink, mute or hide it.

Follow the feeling.

Adore recklessly.

It feels amazing to be you, and be seen and fiercely free from anything other than your true nature.

I’m so grateful for you.

You taught me a lot. And we are still learning, every day.

xo, LR

Badass Vinyasa Flow Sequence & Playlist

Last night’s Flow was all about embracing your badass self.  Drawing inspiration from Jen Sincero, 75 souls breathed, moved, sweated, clapped, held hands, laughed, cried – it was a really long navasana –  and everything in between.

You are perfect. To think anything less is as pointless as a river thinking that it’s got too many curves or that it moves too slowly or that its rapids are too rapid. Says who? You’re on a journey with no defined beginning, middle or end. There are no wrong twists and turns. There is just being. And your job is to be as you as you can be. This is why you’re here. To shy away from who you truly are would leave the world you-less. You are the only you there is and ever will be. I repeat, you are the only you there is and ever will be. Do not deny the world its one and only chance to bask in your brilliance.”  – Jen Sincero

Here is the playlist and dynamic Sun C vinyasa flow for you to play with – let your badassery out!

Ignite (establish your breath and warm ups) – Bad at Rules

Sun A – Thinking Gooey

Sun B – Who Knew How to Save a Life

Juicer/Heat Builder – Maory Beat

Sun C – Your HeartbeatRhythm is a Mashup

Logs/Static Holds – Closer vs AirplanesGreatest Crazy

Yin – Over My HeartBeautiful Creatures

Savasana/Gratitude – January 31, 2018 Super Blood Blue Moon

Check out my Instagram for a peek at the dynamic flow:

Sun C Sequence (one breath and one movement – add in transition breaths as needed!)

Downdog split

Fallen Triangle

Side Plank/Vashistasana

Low lunge

Twisted Shiva/Curtsy Squat

Crescent with Eagle Arms

Wide leg fold

Star pose (to transition to back of mat)

Sky Archer/Reverse Triangle variation


High Karate or Utthita Hasta Padangustasana D

Cross ankles, fold and half lift to set up crow pose/bakasana to end the flow to the back of the mat

Start again on the left and bring it back.

Have some fun with it!

Namaste, fam!

Playing Small.

Did you feel that??

I did.

There’s a shift happening.  Energy changing.  Something big is coming.

… idea what, but I feel it.

I’ve never been one to classify a calendar year as either a “good year” or a “bad year”…over any 365 day period, things happen.  We label them as “good” or “bad” but really, those things are just circumstances that we attach our own story too. Lost your job? BAD.  Went on an amazing vacation? GOOD.

Over the past 365 days, I’ve struggled.  I’ve had some really amazing moments too.  There’s an energy shift happening right now though, and its almost palpable.  This shift is starting to feel like leveling up in a video game. More challenges to navigate, bigger moments to celebrate. Will it get easier? Nope.  Not even a little.

I’ve settled into a comfort zone; leading a program here at Life Time that is currently the sitting at the top of our 130 clubs, growing my classes to nearly an average of 50 students per class.  Helping people discover things about themselves, opening them to think and feel more.  I am fully present and riding this wave, the euphoric moments and the crushing ones.

This quote by Marianne Williamson has always resonated with me and I’ve shared it so many times.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”

For some reason, my interpretation of the quote USED to be that somehow there was an end goal to the opposite of playing small.  That success was measured by metrics and ultimately finite.  You get to where you get and you don’t get upset. Now I see that the opposite of playing small, the very act of living and acting to your fullest potential is a constant moving target.  A balloon that can’t possibly pop if your heart is set and you have gifts and light to share.

Its time to level up.  Game on. Moving towards sharing more and living louder.

How? Not sure.  But its all unfolding.

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A Labor of Love Without a Question of Value

It is no secret that most teachers – yoga and group fitness – teach because it fills our cups to help, motivate and inspire others.  We teach because we love it.

Our members and students come to our classes, early in the morning, holidays, Sunday mornings. We lead with passion and knowledge, and some humor to break up the edgier, grittier parts.

What happens behind the scene of the 60 minute cycle class, vinyasa practice or strength workout? Hours of planning, music selection, practicing the moves and flows and promoting our classes – like a business. And on top of that, the physical and mental aspect of giving everything to help our students be the truest versions of themselves – class after class.

The best teachers and instructors are also always students. Continuing education for maintaining certifications, keeping up to date on current trends, formats and teaching methods adds up too.  Time away from our families on nights and weekends to sharpen our craft because we LOVE what we do and we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

But our labor of love isn’t reason to devalue our knowledge and expertise. We are passionate about delivering YOU an experience.  And on the other side of that experience, the smile, the energy, is a real person, with a family at home on a Sunday morning.  The other side is acknowledging that the HIIT class you took with me that kicked your butt, was the second class I taught that day and there’s still one more to go.  The other side of the person with the mic or giving you a sweet yoga assist is a person who knows they are providing value and stacking class on class to also earn an income – whether its to save for a vacation or to contribute to their household.

Yes, this is a labor of love and certainly not the most lucrative career.  It’s not just a job when your heart and soul thrive on teaching – but practically? We are also worth it – in dollar signs.  Time, training, set up, break down, clean up, the necessity of delivering fun, safe, challenging and empowering experiences day in and day out (and sometimes a few times a day) is worth an extra fee or class rate.

The next time your favorite teacher is offering a class that may be a higher rate for a workshop experience or a specialty feature that’s truly unique, before balking publicly or privately about the fee or price, remember the teacher, the one wearing the mic and encouraging you to do one more rep, the one giving undivided attention and instruction to help you get into your first headstand.  It is our labor of love, but it is also our profession, our business.

Because we love it and our souls are poured into the experience, we are worth it. Truly.


Collagen for a Stronger, Healthier Body – Guest Post!

There’s a pretty big buzz around collagen supplements and gelatin in the nutrition industry these days. Collagen is touted as beneficial for hair, skin and nails, excellent for digestion and its gut healing properties.

Collagen supplements can also be vital in maintaining optimal performance ability for athletes. Over time our bodies naturally begin to lose collagen, we begin to have aches and pains in places we are constantly putting pressure on, no matter how careful we are or how perfect our form is. Shoulder, knee and joint pain can become all to familiar for many athletes.

I became an avid proponent of collagen supplementation because joint pain started to hit home directly.

My husband is one of those people who is just good at every sport or athletic event he attempts. He can just “do” sports. Its both amazing and slightly infuriating, as my personal athletic capabilities are…lacking. He has been a runner for as long as he can remember, and that’s his thing – he needs to run. I mean that in the sense that he loves it, but also he has to pass a PT test with a timed run every year for his job. He literally needs to run. After years of pounding pavement, his knees were on their way to being shot to sh*t.

About 5 years ago, we did some research and came across the benefits of collagen hydrolysate as a natural, traditionally used supplement to relieve joint pain. After a few weeks of consistent use, the pain he felt in his knees had diminished significantly and he was able to discontinue the other over the counter supplements he was taking to manage discomfort. We both felt better, had better skin, stronger nails and thicker hair. All around, a winner!

Collagen hydrolysate has a unique amino acid makeup that is extremely valuable for the body’s ability to replace synovial fluid found within joints to help rebuild and strengthen the cartilage. Three amino acids in particular (glycine, lysine and proline) are what makes collagen hydrolysate an ideal supplement, as they build connective tissue that promote cell growth within joints. Glycine is also a beneficial amino acid for athletes who are looking to maximize muscle growth. Glycine promotes the production of creatine and human growth hormone, helping to prevent deterioration of muscles. After all the hard work that goes into building that muscle in the first place, these benefits are key!

​Which collagen supplement to choose??

There are many types of collagen supplements on the market. We have used Great Lakes brand Collagen Hydrolysate and Gelatin for years. We’ve been very pleased with both the quality and consistency of their products. Collagen hydrolysate comes in a powder form and can be dissolved into both hot and cold substances. This type of collagen dissolves completely and has no flavor or any effect of the consistency of your food. It is perfect for mixing into coffee, tea, smoothies, oatmeal, soups, sauces, pancake and waffle batter – you get the idea! It really is super versatile and easy to fit into your daily nutrition regimen, has a 90% absorption rate and is fully absorbed into the body within 30 minutes.

​Gelatin is formed when collagen has been broken down and differs in that it needs to be dissolved in a hot liquid and gels when cooled. You know, Jello-O.  Gelatin provides the same benefits, but it is not as easily digested. Remember, everybody and every BODY is different. It is not very common for people to have problems digesting gelatin, but if you are prone to digestive issues, just be aware.

I listed many suggestions for using Collagen Hydrolysate above and I’ll leave you with one of our favorite gelatin recipes for Bulletproof Coffee Gummies. Each tablespoon of gelatin has about 11 g of protein making these an easy post-workout refuel or afternoon boost. Enjoy!

Bulletproof Coffee Gummies
6 oz. freshly brewed organic coffee (I recommend Mayorga brand)
1 tbsp. grassfed butter (like Kerrygold)
1/2 tbsp organic coconut oil or MCT oil
OPTIONAL ADD-INS: 1/4 tsp. cinnamon, 1/8 tsp. tumeric, 1-2 tsp. raw honey for sweetness, if desired
3-4 tbsp (depending on preferred consistency) Great Lakes Brand Gelatin* (the red can!)

1. Add all ingredients to high speed blender, except gelatin, and blend until frothy.
2. Add gelatin and blend until fully incorporated
3. Pour immediately into molds and refrigerate for 20-30 mins until solid

If you have any questions about collagen supplements or using it effectively, feel free to email me!

Leah Harvey is an Air Force wife and mother of 2 girls. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, completing her certification at American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2015. Shoot her an email at  and give her some love on Instagram (@lealoves3).


Tension, Compression and the “Hard Stop”

Tension and compression are concepts in the yoga world, taught and made widely known by Paul Grilley.

Tension is the muscular effort, the muscular edge. In order to build a muscle to strengthen it or lengthening it for flexibility, you have to go beyond to see or feel results. There’s “give” and room to go deeper with consistent practice.

Compression is the way your bones and body are built, causing a hard stop, bone to bone where there’s no more room, its just IS.  The way you are built determines your fullest expressions of any given pose.

With tension, we can push, go beyond and get out of our comfort zones. This tension can happen on the mat in physical practice and off the mat, if life situations. We can see, feel and experience personal growth or a deeper expression of a pose.

In compression, the hard stop, it can feel damning, almost, to have to accept that your fullest expression won’t ever change.

Sometimes, in life, we feel the hard stop.  More often than not, its the story we are telling ourselves versus the reality of the situation. When you feel bone to bone in a pose, it takes a strong mind to be fully there, at the “end” of the pose. At the end of the pose, using your breath, you can experience all the pose has to offer. It’s said that in the compression (and the absence of pain), that energy and prana are being stimulated even more!!

I’ve been feeling the hard stop lately, a “life” compression.  Where it really feels like a ceiling, a wall, bone meeting bone, no more.  But if I look at the idea from a yogic perspective, there is opportunity by simply being “in it.” There is room to explore whether or not it is actual compression or is it the story I’ve created. There is room to grow if I allow energy to flow here, versus looking at it like a kink in a hose. There is room to flow in the space where it feels like nothing is flowing. Finding my breath in the space where there’s nothing more to do, fix or change.  Can I just BE with everything the pose or situation has to offer?

My next step? Harnessing the energy.  Finding another path to keep going and growing.  If you are in this place right now, I invite you to do the same.  Look at the compression as a place where energy flows, where you can be fully present in the situation as it is; feeling and experiencing it  instead of letting it feel like a reason to stop, either stop practicing the pose or stop chasing a goal.

Have you ever felt tension and compression, on your mat or off? How do you deal with working with the compression?

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The Whole30 Challenge – Guest Post!

Have you ever reached a point where you just wanted to push a reset button for your body? Maybe you ate too many sweets during the holidays, maybe you indulged in one too many glasses of wine, or maybe you don’t feel great from eating too much processed food. Whatever your reason, you know that what you put into your body directly affects how you feel. When we don’t eat the right foods, we get sluggish, our brains get foggy, and unfortunately sometimes our pants get a little too tight. By cleaning up the way we eat, we can reverse these effects and feel better from the inside out.


If you’ve never heard of Whole30 before, it is a 30 day eating plan that helps to reset your body through nutrition. It is designed to help you overcome cravings, repair your digestion, and determine how certain foods affect your body. Sometimes we eat foods that throw our body out of balance, and we don’t even realize it! By eliminating these foods for 30 days, we become more in tune with our bodies. Then, we learn how certain foods really make us feel after we slowly add them back to our diets.


For 30 days, we will eat only real, clean, whole foods. Meats, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats…all of the GOOD stuff, and none of the junk. We will NOT eat added sugar or sweeteners, alcohol, grains (including oats and corn), legumes (including peanuts and soy products), dairy, white potatoes, carrageenan, MSG, sulfites, or “Paleo junk” like grain-free brownies. We want to reset our bodies, not find ways to give in to cravings!

You can find more detailed info on the Whole 30 website. I also highly recommend the book It Starts With Food, to give you more insight into the program.


I’ve eaten Paleo-style foods in the past, and I’ve even started the Whole 30 a couple of times before. I’ve found that is the biggest predictor of my success is how well I plan in advance. If I don’t have a meal plan in place, or don’t have my fridge stocked with “approved” foods, I will fail. If I have junk food easily accessible in my pantry, I will fail. So I know that I need to have a plan that keeps me 100% on track. Here is my meal plan for week 1:

I also will be prepping as many meals in advance as possible. Chopping veggies for snacks, making salad bowls for when I need to grab and go, and throwing crockpot meals into a freezer bag so I can prep dinner as quickly as possible during the week (super important when I have a 4 month old attached to my hip!).

In addition to hitting that reset button on my nutrition, why not also reset my body and mind at the same time — with 30 days of yoga? Check out Leigh’s post on yoga, the Whole30 and mindfulness in our daily life. She will post short yoga practice videos, varying in style, for you to try at home.

Want to join the group? Click here! We would love to have you join us for the next month.

Amanda Seghetti is a fitness professional, social media influencer and mom of 3 based in the Denver area. Go check out her blog, Phoenix Fitness and give her a follow on Instagram.

Self Acceptance & my Annual (anti) Resolution

Over the past few months, I’ve gained weight.

Its not something that a group fitness instructor or anyone who makes a career in the fitness industry likes to admit. That said, we are human too, with the very same struggles.  I’ve gained enough weight that I’m not comfortable in my own skin, in spite of how others see me.

Struggling with a wrist injury, a busy schedule and not planning or choosing food properly, all the hard work that I I put in slowly unraveled. I’ve fallen into some old habit patterns, the ones that got me to this point, and I’m trying to avoid the patterns that I would have previously taken to “get out” of this situation.

One of my favorite quotes is by Robert Holden. We share often in our yoga teacher training and even in classes.  He says that no amount of self-improvement can make up for a lack of self acceptance.

Today, I accept me, as a I am.  Not where I want to be but knowing exactly where I want to go – not just physically, but in my path as a yoga teacher and fitness professional.  This isn’t a resolution; I don’t do resolutions.  I set goals and I go after them.  The timing here is simply coincidental.

Accepting me, today, as I am and everything, today, as it is, will clear the way, the energy will flow and all this good shit that the universe has to offer will be even *more* available.

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Want to learn more about my nutrition and training plan?  Head over to Growth Stimulus Training and check out what Ryan and Adrianne have to offer!  I’ve been working with Adrianne for almost a year and her sanity in nutrition and a sound training plan is refreshing amidst a world of “Instagram trainers” and bikini models peddling teas.  If you have more questions, email me or get in touch with Ryan and Adrianne directly!


Yoga Myths AND Upcoming Workshop!

As a yoga teacher, I’ve heard a LOT of “reasons” as to why someone *thinks* they can’t do yoga. Let’s run through a few of them and dispel some yoga myths!

1. “I can’t sit still, I can’t do yoga.”

Great news, not all yoga is “still” or on the floor. Vinyasa yoga is a powerful style – and there’s a style for every body. Some styles, like yin, are still. Some styles are a happy marriage of the two,  Vinyasa, in particular the LifePower Yoga style, can be a physically intense practice!

2. “I’m not flexible.”

Then we have something in common. And I’m a yoga teacher so hopefully the yoga police don’t come to class when I’m practicing!  Think of it like this – if you didn’t lift weights, you wouldn’t become stronger.  Same principle applies!  By avoiding yoga, you certainly won’t become more flexible but like lifting heavier as you get stronger, with a consistent practice, you will find your flexibility improving.

3. “I don’t know poses.”

And like learning anything new, you start by knowing very little. And that’s ok – this is why it’s a practice and any yoga teacher will help you with poses!  Either by consistently showing up to class or by working one on one with a teacher, you’ll learn poses.  That said, poses are actually secondary to the practice; your breath is always the first “pose” to learn.

vinyasa, yoga, lifepower yoga

With an open mind, this practice peels away layers. With strong breath, this practice is rejuvenating, revitalizing and is amazing for your body too.

Prove these yoga myths wrong! Come check out my workshop at Life Time Athletic Mount Laurel on January 18 at 7:30pm.  Learn the basics of connecting breath and movement and some common flow sequences to help you feel more confident when you step on your mat!

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You did YTT ….twice?

With a slightly guilty conscious, I’m here, writing and reflecting, about my experience doing a second YTT (yoga teacher training).

Guilty because my kitchen needs to be cleaned, guilty because the clean unfolded laundry pile seems to be getting bigger before my eyes.

But, as this round of YTT wraps up, I need to sort out the feelings, the takeaways, the a-ha moments, not only for myself, but to put in words why one would do the SAME training twice, within months of completing the first. (“Did you fail?” and “Are you crazy?” came up quite a bit and the answer is no. Well, that second is up for discussion, I guess.)

One huge takeaway is that the more I spend time learning and growing, into a better teacher and better human, the less I’m concerned with taking time to clean or fold laundry!  Only half kidding, while I know that those things need to be done, my time spent teaching, practicing, writing and my time with my family are more important than the dishes in the sink. So much more than just time management, its like a lesson in living life fully without stressing or worrying about chores and choosing to fill your cup with your passions and loves instead.  (And if you are reading this while your wet laundry hangs in the washer, namaste, friend. Do some sun salutations after and if there’s time, you can always get to the laundry later.)

Get upside down. #inversionsmakeyouhot #yogaeverydamnday

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Another more significant observation is that this second time through, I realized that I’m not comfortable in the “gray area” – not a faculty teacher but to the other YTT students, being a “been here, done this” presence.  Not a leader on paper, but wanting to help lead, not just implicitly.  And as any yoga teacher knows, still always, ALWAYS, a student.  This gray area is a slightly stressful place to be so obviously, it can also be a place of growth, if you allow it.  The internal struggle of being a teacher on the schedule, having high aspirations for my growth and really feeling confident teaching a strong class…then at times, feeling really small and raw during our YTT meeting times. Those extremes kept me humble, “in my place” even if it didn’t always feel good.

humble kanye YTT yoga teacher training
Caught between humility but also not “playing small”…

Finally, the last revelation and certainly most powerful, is becoming fully aware that my heart is so invested in teaching yoga.  That I don’t want to *just* teach classes, that I also want to teach yoga teachers.  Seeing this YTT unfold through a different lens, a lens that maybe was uncomfortable at times, taught me so much and it was so rewarding to watch these student teachers grow, even if my impact was ancillary, at best.

I didn’t sign up for a second YTT to learn Ashtanga again; I signed up to get deeper into my “why” – why I practice, why I feel so passionately about this style, why I want to teach student teachers.  I’m still working on articulating my “why” but I do know this….yoga feels like home.

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